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Being Strong in the Fight

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Youth Camp 2012

Youth Camp in Fulton MO.
Reporter: Charles Dodd

cravensPastor Troy Truitt

In my personal opinion, Pilgrim Nazarene Youth Camp 2012 was the shortest youth camp in our seven year history! As we drove the winding road into Fulton MO, my heart was pleading with God to let something special happen on that little campground. The past six years at PNYC have seen salvation, sanctification, and the calling of workers to the harvest; this year was no exception.
            How can I describe youth camp to someone who wasn’t there? The only way to really find out is to come and find out. An average day means getting up about an hour before breakfast, (fifteen minutes for some of the guys) and getting ready for your day. After a delicious meal prepared by Bro. Adamson and Crew, a camper will have a time for personal devotions. After that is morning chapel in which we would learn the point totals for the day, and sometimes go to India via Pastor Troy’s “professional” power-point displays.
           games After that, came the team games. We would play volleyball for awhile, and then it was time for daily duties. The teams would do whatever job was assigned to them, and then have some free time before lunch. I want to mention here that the food this year was exceptional; the staff really worked hard, and we appreciate it. After that it was time for classes. The Girls met in the (air conditioned) chapel, and the guys met in the (non air conditioned) tabernacle. The classes were led by Sister Heidi Boardman and Pastor Troy Truitt respectively. They discussed the issues, temptations, and problems unique to each group.
            We had the privilege of welcoming Calem Mowery to the youth camp staff this year. He did an excellent job of heading up wacky sports, which came right after classes. There was human foosball, a huge relay race, dizzy hopping, and volleyball with water balloons. After the wacky games were done, we had about thirty minutes to prepare for supper, which was also amazing.
            Evening services were a time of worship and searching of the heart. The theme this year was being strong in the fight and making it to the city of God. Pastors Robert Jones and Troy Truitt preached on topics such as the Good Samaritan, (Go thou and do likewise) and in the words of David in I Chronicles 28:10, Be strong and do it.


We were privileged to have groups from five Holiness Bible colleges there at youth camp. The theme song came from a group named Reflection from Hobe Sound Bible College. Written by Jennifer LaMountain, it seemed to reflect the spirit of the closing night as we sang in afterglow:


I am determined to be invincible,
‘Til He has finished His purpose in me.
And nothing shall shake me,
For He’ll never forsake me;
And I am determined to live for the King.

God is doing great things for us there at PNYC. I personally was classesoverwhelmed at the presence of God in services, and the general atmosphere of worship.   We were encouraged to stay in the faith, to not give up in the fight. In the words of Paul, “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” (I Tim 6:12) PNYC

2012 was a time of encouragement, of banding together and lifting our hearts up to God. I am looking forward to next year but until then,
Nothing shall shake me,
For He’ll never forsake me;
And I am determined to live for the King!

Respectively submitted,

Charles Dodd

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