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Youth Camp 2008

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youth group 2008

Youth Camp 2009 Youth Camp in Fulton MO.

was a time to draw close to God and letting go! The third year of youth camp proved to be of no dissapointment. young people came all the way from Idaho and other parts of the country to enjoy the fun and spiritual enlightment from God. From the first service, the presence of God came and manifest Himself in a wonderful way.

Brother Rick Maloyed from Michigan came to bring the Word of God in a way that young people were able to connect. The Holy Spirit used Bro. Maloyed's unique way of bring the Word of God to life and making it count for Jesus. His first message stressed the importance of having a personel relationship with the Lord. The God of the past and the future is the God of the present, who wants to meet the needs of all who seek Him. He continued the next night with the admonishment that we need to trust God to take care of all our needs.

The 3rd night of service, God came during the special singing. God's Bible School quartet sang, "Consider the Lilies". Bro. Maloyed took the opportunity to remind the young people that God cares for them and He sees just want we need.

Once again, the Holiness Bible colleges were there to help carry the work load by being effective leaders for the other young people. Penn View Bible Institute, Allegheny Wesleyan College, Hobe Sound Bible College, Union Bible College, and God's Bible School all took a day or night to sing and bring information about their school.

The day started out with breakfast with the hard working help of Jennifer Truitt and her kitchen helpers. You did not go away hungry or dissapointed. They did an awesome job providing meals for the whole day. After breakfast, their was a short gathering in the meeting house to sing and praise the Lord. A short devotion or activity was given. The rest of the day was spent in classes, volleyball tournament and doing a wacky sport activity. Time was given before and after supper for the young people to rest and prepare for the evening service.

Start making plans for Youth Camp 2009. Lord willing, plans are to have the camp at the same location. The week of June 15th. Don‚t miss out on a blessing, join us for camp next year. .........Youth Camp Reporter