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Rev. Stephen Snodgrass


Today is Our Day!

As we begin this new church year, we are reminded that the job that lies before us is challenging, yet overwhelming! There is a lost world around us that needs Jesus. They are seeking, and it is our duty to find them and point them to the blessed cross of Calvary. Let me break this challenge down into a few palatable points. Pastors, you must renew your vision for your church. Ask God to give you wisdom to lead the flock every day. Pastor’s wives, stand by your husband and hold him up to the Throne and hold the congregation close to your heart.

Sunday School teachers, pray that God will lead you as you prepare your lessons and guide you as they are delivered. Stewards, look for ways to minister to your pastor and family and search out those in need inside and outside the church. Trustees, take your duties as a job and maintain the property in a way that will please the heart of God and the eyes of others. Missions leaders, stay informed and keep the cause of missions, both at home and abroad before the congregation. Youth leaders, lead the youth under your watch by example and keep them connected to the church with wholesome activities. Membership Committees, it is your duty to seek out and encourage new members … do it! Church officers and members, use this time to renew your commitment to God and the work of the church. Get behind your pastor and catch his vision!
Pilgrim Nazarene Church family, God is still calling on people’s hearts in 2012! Today is our day! The holiness message is still attractive. The world is hungry for something better than what they have. We have the message! We have the hope! We have the answer! Let us call on God and plead for revival in our churches. Let us pray for an outpouring of His Spirit on our sons and daughters. Let us pray conviction on the lost and hungry. Let us bring back the all night prayer chains. Let us bring back the cottage prayer meetings. Let us bring back the days of organized prayer and fasting. These things have worked before, and they will work again. Our God has not changed. We have changed some of our methods and they are not working. Let us go back to some of the old paths and once again see revival sweep across this land! Oh, I long see Him moving!
Pastor, this burden lies on your shoulders. As the shepherd, it is your duty to call your people to worship and prayer. It is your duty to lead by example. It is your solemn duty to lead your flock in such a way that they arrive safely into the heavenly fold. What a responsibility, but you are up to the task-because you do not have to do it alone! God has promised to be there to give strength and wisdom.

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