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Rev. Stephen Snodgrass


Message to the Remnant

“For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight: for the LORD will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rereward.” (Isaiah 52:12) According to Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible, this chapter is a prophecy of the glorious state of the church in the latter day, typified by the deliverance of the Jews from Babylon. “The church, under the names of Zion and Jerusalem, is exhorted to awake and clothe herself with strength, and with beautiful garments, to shake off her dust, and loose her bands, since she should become a pure and separate people. (verse 1) It also suggests that the knowledge of the Lord should be spread, the good tidings of peace and salvation be delightfully published, and that the ministers of the Gospel should have clear light, and be harmonious and unanimous in the publishing of it. (verse 6)”In the closing comments of this encouraging message to the remnant, I drew strength from the words in verse twelve, that said, “...for the LORD will go before you…” As a young child, I was afraid of the dark. It was not what I could see that bothered me, it was what I couldn’t see that scared me. I would ask my dad to go into my dark room and turn on the light before I went in. I remember the security that I felt by following my dad down a dark path in the woods. I knew that whatever lay ahead on the trail, he was going to see it first and deal with it before I would.
I can remember following my father through a wooded trail, and he would say, “Watch out for these briars,” or he would hold a limb so it would not hit me in the face. It would be impossible for me to recount all of the times that my Heavenly Father has cautioned me of a pitfall or saved me from danger. What a comfort to know that He will go before us.
The new year, 2012, lies before us like a path through a dense forest. Each day will present new challenges and pitfalls. There will be days that will be darker than others. There will be times that the path is not always clear. There will be times that we will be directed to take steps into unknown territory, but remember, what is unknown to you is never unknown to God. Why? Because He is going before you and knows what each day holds.
There is nothing like a fresh calendar of days to inspire us of the possibilities that are waiting. It represents opportunities:

Yes, Pilgrim Nazarene Church, the year 2012 gives us a renewed vision of what God can do with and for a people who will remain ready to do His will. I believe that if we are going to make a difference in this New Year, we must do the following:

  1. Seek His face and His glory.
  2. Have a church-wide revival that shakes the fibers of our being.
  3. Dedicate more time to the place of prayer for the lost.
  4. Draw near to Him through the unerring Word of God.
  5. Give sacrificially of ourselves, our time and our finances.
  6. Let the lost generations know that there is a God in Heaven who loves them and is seeking to restore them to the fold.

It will not be of our own strength, knowledge or giving that will enable us to make a difference in the Kingdom in 2012; but it will come only through the help, wisdom and guidance of the blessed Trinity.
I remember my first encounter with a rattle snake. It was a fall day and my Dad and I were going out to do a little squirrel hunting. I was so young that I was probably carrying a BB gun. We had not gone very far into the woods and my Dad stopped quickly and pointed to something that was lying on the ground ahead of us. I couldn’t see very well, but he told me that it was a rattlesnake. Seconds later his gun went off and the huge rattlesnake rose up on its tail and shook it's rattles very loudly before falling dead on the ground. Just recalling it makes me a little nervous!
As we make our way down the path ahead of us, let keep behind our Heavenly Father and hold closely to His hand. He will alert us of danger and bring us out safely on the other side. May God grant each of you a wonderful year and may His blessings rest upon each of you and make your Christian witness fruitful.

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