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preacher meeting

On January 20th, ministers from all over the country gathered at our church in Whitehouse, Texas, for the 13th Annual Preacher’s Meeting. Host pastor, Rev. & Mrs. Dennis Cable and their congregation opened their church and hearts to us in such a warm manner. This year’s special speaker was Bro. Rowen Fay, who spoke to us on being “connected!” We began the preacher’s meeting on Wednesday evening and though many were weary from traveling, there was a great spirit of worship and our hearts blended together as we sang and worshiped the God that we serve. The Lord anointed Bro. Fay as he bore his heart to us that first night. He spoke from John 15:1-8, admonishing us to disciple new converts with love and compassion. For the next four services, God helped Bro. Fay to pour out his heart and transfer his vision of making a difference in the world that we live. As we closed the meeting on Friday morning, there was a great spirit of unity and encouragement among our preachers. One seasoned minister told me, “I have been to many preacher’s meetings over the years and many of them were great with a lot of good ideas, but I sensed that my ministry was too small to implement the ideas presented. This year it was different! I left feeling that I can do this!” Touching lives one at a time! Connecting with them where they live…that was the theme of the meeting! I believe the common attitude among our ministers was, “We’ll work till Jesus come…!”