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Preachers Meeting 2013


Pell City, Alabama PNC Host Pastor: Clindel Harbison Speaker: Rev. John Parker There is nothing like meeting together with the brethren! This year’s Preacher’s Meeting was held at the Pell City, Alabama PNC. Host pastor, Rev. Clindel Harbison welcomed us with warm southern hospitality. There were 17 PNC ministers present and we had 8 Bible Methodist ministers visit in some of the sessions. Wednesday night we packed the church with over 70 people. From the first song, we knew that we were going to have a good time in worship and fellowship for the next few days. Bro. John Parker brought pungent truths that encouraged us "to good works." He dug around our roots and helped us to refocus on the tasks that lay before us. Bro. Rodney Keister, with Evangelistic Missions, presented his ministry on Thursday afternoon and we appreciated him being with us. As we prayed the benediction, we had a sense of renewal of determination in our spirits, a longing to serve our Master and carry the message of redemption and holiness to the world!! We wish you could have been there!! I'm always careful to say, "it was the best Preacher's Meeting ever" but I will say it was a wonderful one!