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Preacher's Meeting 2010

“Excellence in the Ministry”

The excitement began to build as we gathered into the church in Jackson, Missouri, for our seventh annual Pilgrim Nazarene Church preacher’s meeting. As host pastor, Rev. Troy Truitt welcomed everyone, and the song service began, we all knew that this was going to be special time together. Rev. Charles Dodd IV led the singing that first night and the congregation raised their voices in song. This strong, heart-felt congregational singing would go on throughout the whole meeting. It was our privilege to have Rev. Paul Pierpoint as our special speaker. With over fifty years of pastoring experience, he taught on a variety of subjects. On Tuesday night, he spoke to us on “Qualities that Identify a Healthy Church.” Host pastor Truitt and his people did a fine job of providing after-church snacks and a nice place to fellowship.

preacher 2
In the Wednesday morning session, he continued with the same subject. In the Wednesday afternoon session, Rev. Stephen Snodgrass and Rev. Larry Pettit presented Missions to the attendees. Using the theme, “Reaching Out: Across the Sea and Across the Street,” they updated us on our work in India and encouraged us in the area of home missions. Rev. Pierpoint challenged us that evening on the subject of soul winning. His title was, “Why Should I Come Back?” Each one left this service challenged to do more to build the Kingdom.
Thursday morning’s theme was, “Excellence in Evangelism.” In this session we were given resources for successful evangelism. In the afternoon session, Rev. Mike Covington and Bro. Mark Russell spoke on “Excellence in Church Administration.” This session was informative in the areas of church finance and compliance with governmental guidelines. While this session was going on, the ladies met downstairs, and Sis. Connie Snodgrass presented outreach materials, with the theme, “Women of God, Moments of Grace.” The Lord moved in a mighty way in the last service, and Rev. Pierpoint preached on “Clarifying the Holiness Message.” Reflecting on the meeting as a whole, I believe that there will be immediate results and lasting effects. The wisdom that was shared was invaluable. The encouragement that was received was a balm. The challenge to maintain “Excellence in the Ministry” will help our preachers and our churches. I was glad that I was able to attend this year’s meeting.

Achive News

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