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Rev. David Elliot- "A Life Lived For God"

David William Elliot was born in Denver, Colorado to William and Jesse (Hardy) Elliot on April 4, 1921. He passed away on December 8, 2010, in Brighton, Colorado.

He is survived by a daughter, Shirley Bollinger Garrison and husband Paul, of Brighton, Colorado; and a son, David Elliot and wife, Sharon, of Palm Bay, Florida, a stepson, Milford Mackey of Chicago, Illinois; a granddaughter, Shonnie Cline and husband Kelly, of Brighton, Colorado, a grandson, John Harmon and wife Amanda of Denver, Colorado. Another granddaughter, Teresa Pyler, preceded him in death on August 18, 2007. He is also survived by five great grandchildren: Shailyn Cline, Enea and Garron Wagner, and Keaton and Caden Pyler.

David Elliot married Beulah McFarland on December 24, 1944. For the next 18 years, his work for the Lord included pastoring churches in Iowa and Colorado, as well as starting a rescue mission on Larimer Street, while affiliated with the Assemblies of God organization. David and Beulah were divorced in 1961.

He met Verda Mackey and they were married on June 24, 1965. They pastored a Bible Missionary Church in Brighton, Colorado, and served in various other capacities while a member of the Bible Missionary Church. Verda went to be with the Lord in 1999 and he moved to the Metro Manor apartment building. While living there, he was a great witness for the Lord and mentor for many. Because he loved the Lord so much, it showed, and through this love, David made many friends there in Metro Manor, and he loved them all.

David Elliot had become a member of the Denver Bible Missionary Church, which a few years ago became the Wesleyan Bible Church. While a member there, he served as head of trustees for many years as well as Sunday School Superintendent. He was excellent with his hands in being able to fix things and was called upon many times to take charge of maintenance projects of the church, which he was more than willing to do. He also was very active in visiting the elderly and the shut-ins, and Pastor David Taylor gave him the title of "pastor of Church Extensions." David's testimony was strong and true, no matter where he was or how he felt. As his pastor, I was always thrilled to hear him testify to the wonderful work of God in his life. One of the standards things he would do, would be to quote the verse from the Apostle Paul found in II Timothy 1:12: "For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day." And he lived like he truly believed that.

David Elliot, because of his health, and having suffered several bouts of pneumonia, had to make the difficult move to Inglenook of Brighton, Assisted Living in order to have more help with his daily needs. But God certainly knew what he was going through, and gifted David with a staff at Inglenook who took wonderful care of him and showed him so much love and respect. But God also knew that there were those in Inglenook who needed him, and David again became a wonderful witness and testimony for the Lord, and was an inspiration and encouragement to many. His testimony and prayers will not be soon forgotten, we are sure. He started attending Harvest Fellowship with his daughter, Shirley and her husband, Paul, and continued until a week or so before his passing. He missed his church family a lot in Lakewood, but they were faithful to visit him of which he was so appreciative.

He will be remembered for many things including his love for and dedication to the Lord, his contagious smile, great sense of humor, and care and concern for others. My wife put in our church bulletin these words concerning him: Many thoughts come to mind when we think of David Elliot: A gentle saint, a gentleman, a beautiful violinist, a sweet spirit, a pastor's friend, a prayer warrior, a worshiper, a booster, a soul winner, a preacher, a kind friend, a hard worker, one who liked to tell a good joke, a man who loved life and people. How will we ever forget this wonderful warrior of the cross? We will miss him so much here at the church but we would not call him back. He longed to go to Heaven and we know he is walking the streets of gold today. May God help us to pick up his mantle and when our day is over may our legacy be the same as his.

May God enrich our hearts and lives with the memories of David Elliot and make them a cherished time for each and every one who was blessed to know him. ( read by- Rev. Dan Batton)


Our hearts were saddened with the news of the passing of Bro. David Elliott. He was the oldest elder of the Pilgrim Nazarene Church. Although I have not had the privilege of being close to him, I have always been encouraged by his support and prayers. Shortly after I took the position of General Superintendent, I received a call from Bro. Elliott. In this call he spoke words of wisdom and assured me that he would be praying for me each day. I do not take lightly the impact of the silent prayer warriors, who do their work behind the closed doors of their prayer closet. Thank you, Bro. Elliott for your support.

From time to time I would get an update on Bro. Elliott, from his long-time pastor, Rev. David Taylor. It was reported that even though Bro. Elliott was limited in his ministry, he was always looking for a way to tell others about the love of Jesus. It can be said that Bro. David Elliott was faithful till the end.

A few days ago, the Pilgrim Nazarene Church lost an elder from it Roll of Elders. Today, a new resident has moved onto Hallelujah Square. Some day very soon we will all be together in that land where there is no night. Stephen R. Snodgrass
General Superintendent
Pilgrim Nazarene Church


Where can one begin to give proper tribute to David Elliot? Bro. David Elliot was first and foremost a godly man, a man who loved the Lord with all of his heart. He demonstrated this love over and over again throughout his life by his steady walk and dedication to the work of the Gospel. The picture of a shepherd/servant was immortalized by his life. I have never known of a time when he was called upon and was physically able, that he did not do his best to meet the situation that was set before him.

I became his pastor in 1981.  Later that year we mutually decided that he should be the “Pastor of Church Extension” because of his untiring efforts with the elderly and homebound of the congregation of the Denver First Bible Missionary Church.  Equipped with his new role and title, he joked that he extended water lines, phone lines and any other extensions that were needed. 

He was so faithful to call on and pray with the elderly and infirm of the church and many contacts who were never able to attend the services but who looked to Bro. Elliot as their pastor.  He taught Sunday School classes and preached when ever called upon.  He would provide transportation to anyone who was in need of a ride to church.  Service time after service time, his little Subaru would pull into the church parking lot filled to capacity or more.  When no one else would give a ride to a ‘problem’ person, I could count on Bro. Elliot to step up and accept the responsibility.

I could expect a phone call every morning concerning the activities of the day.  We would dialog about who needed to be seen and any other issues that needed attention.  He was my eyes and ears from his area of ministry and was fiercely loyal.  Words cannot describe the blessing he was to me, to the church and its people.

Bro. Elliot loved to play the violin and did play often as a special during services.  He also played the organ and did so with an eye singled to the glory of God. 

Bro. Elliot, my life and the lives of many, many others have been enriched and blessed by your daily ministry, your consistent life and your daily walk.  You are now where you desired to be, at home, free from the limitations with which you struggled throughout this life.  Your cares and pain forever past, in the Presence of Him whom you loved and served.

Thank you “my dear brother” (his own salutation to me) for the blessings and benefits you brought into my life and ministry.  I pledge to meet you in the “morning” where we will have no more partings and goodbyes.  Rest now from your labors for you served your generation well!

Former Pastor: David and Patsy Taylor

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