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Updates on Connie Snodgrass

Prayer is made daily without ceasing.

Information provided here comes from status report given from Steve and Connie Snodgrasses Facebook page.

October 14th, 2010

Well friends...we just left the gyn/oncologist and he told us that the scans that were taken on Tuesday are all clear!!!!!!! We are so thankful for God's hand upon us during this whole time. He has been so close and faithful. No more treatments, just monitoring for the next year. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, love and overwhelming support!

October 13th, 2010

Hcg is 2 today! It has been below 5 since September 10th now! I had scans done today to be sure everything is clear, but won't know the results until Thursday when I see the doctor again. No matter what, God is good and loves us very much!!

October 4th, 2010

More bloodwork today. Everything is within the normal range! Staying right on track, and the oncologist says there is nothing to worry about, so we will continue to rest and trust in the Lord!

Sept 27th, 2010

Went to the oncologist today...he has ordered that Connie receive two units of blood in the morning. The last round of chemo hit her very hard in every way and she is very weak, but we are reminded that in our weakness, He is strong. Thanks for all the kind notes and prayers.

Sept 20th, 2010

Last dose of chemo today!! Hallelujah! I got to ring the bell, and there was a lot of handclapping and hugging and celebrating!

Sept 13th, 2010

Starting round eight of chemo. Our home/business/school address for the next few days will be Brookwood Med. Ctr, room 335. The HCG is...drumroll...2.7! We are rejoicing. Connie has been visited by several of her "angels" today from CCU. We will try to post some pics soon. Chemo should start about 10pm. We are still under His Wings! ~ Connie, Steve and girls

Sept 8th, 2010

completed round 7 of chemo yesterday. Met with the doctor who told us that we will complete round 8 over the next two weeks and be done with chemo. The future still has its questions, but we know the Answer and He will see us through. Thank you for all the kind notes and prayers.

August 20th, 2010

Had a great visit with friends Robert and Naomi Durr and Lorna Harbison. So glad they were able to stop by and have Bob Sykes BBQ with us for dinner last night. Connie is test results showed that we are on for more chemo on Monday. God is so good!
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August 18th, 2010

Arrived home from the hospital about 3pm today. Connie received five doses of chemo and four units of blood in the last three days. Please pray that her blood will hold up under the severe chemo treatment. We continue to praise the Lord for all He has done!

August 17th, 2010

Made it through the night good. The blood situation caused a short delay, but the doctor was very upbeat and encouraging when he visited me. So thankful for hope! If I'm ever tempted to be discouuraged, I always remind myself that God knows all about it! My life is in His hands! What a haven of rest for the weary!!

August 16th, 2010

Just a little disappointed today...the HCGs did not come down any over the weekend. Still 6.9 and Connie's blood levels are low. She will be getting two units of blood and then the chemo will start sometime after. We are still thankful for God's help so far and a wonderful medical staff. Connie will be in the hospital for the next two days. Thanks for the prayers!

August 13th, 2010

Here's the plan. When the HCG level gets to less than 5, the cancer will be gone, and I will have 2 more rounds of chemo to complete the journey. Today, the bloodwork showed that the HCG level is 6! Sooo close!! God is good. Check back on Monday--it just might be the beginning of the end!

August 8th, 2010

were blessed to be able to attend the PNC camp on Friday evening. Although we came home Saturday was good to be with so many friends and church family. Connie had a good report on Friday...HCG levels in the single digits...9.0. Still thanking Him ~~ Steve and Connie

August 3rd, 2010

Good Morning friends. Connie started round 5 of chemo yesterday. She is tolerating it very good so far. The new HCG level is 10.8...getting closer to -0 every day. Thanks for all the prayers. Prayer still works!

July 26th, 2010
Connie just started her chemo for the day and she seems to be doing well. The blood work shows that her HCG levels were at 26 today! We are closing in on zero a little bit every week. An item of concern is her white blood cell count, which is very low. Please pray that God will continue to touch her in this area. We are still clinging to Him and claiming Romans 8:28!

July 20th, 2010

Day 1 of chemo did not officially start till 10pm last night...finishing around 1:45pm today. Today they had to give Connie two units of blood. Day 2 of chemo will start around 10pm and should be done sometime after midnight. As we prayed together today, we reminded the Lord that we are submitted to His perfect will and we desire that He be glorified through our trials.

July 19th, 2010

Connie's new HCG level (the cancer marker) is 51 today. Down from 121,000 to 51 in 6 weeks and 5 days. We continue to thank the Lord for His help. They are now starting the chemo that will run for about 14 hours.

July 19th, 2010

Checked into Brookwood room 315 at 9:30am and beginning round 4. We are anxious to get the ball rolling and see where we are with the bloodwork today. Please continue to pray for Connie...she has been battling side effects of the five different chemo agents that she is taking. Thanks for all the kind notes and prayers on our behalf during this journey. Still holding to God's Hand ~ Steve and Connie

July 12th, 2010

Connie got up this morning, made coffee, fixed a bottle, changed a diaper and fed Madelyn and rocked her back to sleep. We had a good report yesterday from the doctors...the cancer marker is down to 140! From 121,000 to 140 in 6 1/2 weeks, that is a miracle my friends! We are thanking the Lord today!

July 11th, 2010

Went to church this morning! It was good to sit together and hear our wonderful pastor, Robert Jones, preach a beautiful message on "The Touch of Jesus." Our hearts resounded a big, Amen! More chemo tomorrow,but it is in God's Hands.

July 7th, 2010

We are still at the hospital...waiting to go home. Connie has done well with all of the treatments so far. It looks like the rest of the chemo will be given in clinic at UAB. We are thankful for the Presence of God in all of this. Brookwood caregivers have been the best and we thank them for the wonderful care we have received. Thank you, friends, for all the notes, prayers and encouragement you have given us.

July 6th, 2010

Spent another night at our home away from home...Brookwood Medical Center. Connie has received the chemos fairly well. The doctors have been in this morning and the second doses of chemo will begin in a few hours. These will run for another 14 we will be here again tonight and go home tomorrow. She did wake up hungry this morning, which is a very good thing! We are thankful for all of God's blessings!

July 4th, 2010

Packing for the trip to the hospital tomorrow for the beginning of round 3 of chemo. 14 hours of chemo tomorrow and 14 on Tuesday and then we get to come home for 2 weeks! Connie has already turned in for the night and I'm about to do the same. Thanks to all of our friends who have prayed for us and supported us on this journey. We remain in the firm grip of our Heavenly Father...Connie, Steve, Katie, Tara and Maddie

July 2nd, 2010

Sitting in the doctor's office getting blood work drawn for the next round of chemo that starts on Monday. This will be the start of round three. The first dose runs for about 14 hours and we repeat it on Tuesday. Connie has been very weak and has no appetite. Please pray that God will give her strength. We have come so far...just need daily strength. God has been so good and faithful.

June 30th, 2010

going home TODAY!!! Will be back in on Monday and Tuesday for more chemo, but Connie is getting stronger everyday. We thank the Lord for answered prayer. We are so blessed!

June 29th, 2010
Wow...what a day! Connie is now asleep, so I will try to cover everything. First let me give you a progress report...she walked down the hall, was disconnected from monitors and is off all oxygen support. The doctors says if all goes well we might get to go home on Thursday! (That is Thursday of this week!) Amazing!

Today's visitors included, Ruth Yancey, Mary Beth Davis, David Snodgrass, Mom & Dad Russell, Grandma D, Kimberly, DJ, Jeremy Snodgrass and Mom Snodgrass. Connie was expecting her only sibling, Mark III to come in from Beaver Bay, MN and she was not disappointed. She is so glad that he was able to come down for a couple of days. She was also surprised by her Uncle Howard, Aunt Barb, Steven, Joseph Russell, who came down from Ohio to spend the day with her. Also her cousin David, Lynda, Haley, Harrison and Hayden Miller from Huntsville came down this evening to spend with her on her birthday. Mark and Linda Lytle and Rev. Charles & Shirley Sullivan also stopped by to see her. Dr. Ross came and joined the family in celebrating this event also. Many of her caregivers dropped by today to wish her "happy birthday," and even some who were off today, called her on the phone. The Brookwood Medical Center staff have been outstanding throughout our visit and they made today a special day as well. They provided a birthday cake from Edgars Bakery (those that know anything about Edgars will appreciate this) and the staff in 3 Womens were so kind and thoughtfull.

Dad Russell's employer, Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, provided the evening meal for the family and friends that were present. They catered in a full spread from Honey Baked Ham and it was outstanding. Also, my sister, Mary Beth, had bought the famous strawberry cake from Edgars we had plenty to eat. In fact if you are still up...come on over and we have plenty of left-overs.

Connie wanted me to express to each of you a hearty, "Thank You!!!" for all of the birthday well wishes. She wanted to answer all of them herself, but I told her to go to sleep and I would take care of it. She will have a big day tomorrow with therapy and such, but God already has that under control.

As is always the case when listing specifics, I have probably left out an important detail, but in all it was a great day. This morning, when Connie was talking to the group of oncologist, she mentioned that today was a special birthday to he and Dr. Alvaraz replied that it was a special birthday to them as well. We are all thankful that we have her with us today and are looking forward to bright days ahead.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support...we could not have made it without our friends.

Good Night,
Connie and Steve


June 28th, 2010

Connie just finished her chemo treatment for the day, and seems to be doing very well. After hearing from all the doctors today (six) the common opinion seemed to be that she is doing very well. While thanking the doctors for their skill and care, Connie has always been quick to give ultimate praise to God for His help. Please pray for a good nights rest and an easy day tomorrow. Good night everyone.

June 28th, 2010

Bloodwork this morning showed the chemo has been doing its job, and the cancer is dying!! We are bouncing off the walls with this report! Steve and I just had to stop and send special praise to our Heavenly Father

June 27th, 2010

Received news this morning that blood work looks good and chemo is on schedule for tomorrow. Connie is moving around better every day. Although we still have many battles to fight, God has proven many times that He will be there to help us through. May each of you have a blessed Sunday!

June 26th, 2010

just walked about 75 feet!!! We are thanking the Lord for His helping hand. Just a few days ago, she was on the ventilator @ 60%, a feeding tube, a chest she is doing so well. I know I have said it before, but thanks so much for the prayers...God still hears and answers!

June 26th, 2010

This is Connie ~ My room number is 333. If you turn to that song number in our church hymnal, you will find "Wonderful Grace of Jesus!" What wonderful musings for this beautiful Saturday morning. What wonderful musings for the night time as well! One of my meds is steroids (which hinders sleep a lot of times unless you help yourself with an outside source.) Last night, as I lay here awake, I thought about the beautiful room God has allowed me to move to, and the correlation of the #'s in the hymnal, and how much I enjoy playing that song on the piano at church, and God allowed yet another blessing called sleep that is not medically induced. "...oh, magnify the precious name of Jesus, Praise His Name!"

June 25th, 2010

Out of CCU!!! Into a private room. Feeding tube gone and eating regular food. God is good!!

June 24th, 2010

Well friends, I'm standing here looking at my wife sitting in a chair. She has done so well today...just wanted to report in.

June 24th, 2010

Day 23 - Connie was able to get some rest (as much as you can in CCU) and looks so good this morning. I just spoke to her doctor and he used the word "amazing!" He was quick to give God the credit for this turn-around! We still have our battles to fight, but we will pause and enjoy this victory. Thanks so much for the still works!

June 23rd, 2010

She is off the ventilator and doing great!!! It was a special moment to watch her give her lung doctor, Dr. Roney, a big hug. She will get to hold her baby in a few minutes. Thanks all the prayers and support you have showered our family with for the last few weeks.

June 23rd, 2010

What started out as a very hard day turned out so good. To many things happened to tell hear, but in short...Connie is doing so much better tonight and many of your prayers were answered. Tomorrow is a new day and we will trust God for what it holds. Please pray for a man whose name is Jerry. I just spoke to his wife in CCU and he needs a touch from God tonight! Good night friends!

June 22nd, 2010

Dear friends, another rough day in CCU. When I arrived in Connie's room @ 5am, she was very anxious. Now 7 hrs later, we understand some of the reasons why. The lungs doctors were able to drain 2 liters of fluid from around her lungs. She is now resting very soundly. The next round of chemo will be starting in 40 minutes. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are still in the firm grip of our Heavenly Father.

June 21st, 2010

what a day... disappointed about not coming off the vent...2nd round of chemo started...a huge case of anxiety...thankful the tubes and vent were still on and for a lung doctor who did not make a decision based off of what we wanted. Connie is presently resting and the ventilator is helping her. Please remember her...the next few day will be rough...but we are holding His Hand!
Connie, Steve, Katie, Tara and Maddie

June 21st, 2010

Well the decision has been made by the doctors to leave Connie on the vent for a couple more days to see her reaction to the next round of chemo. For anyone who has been on this road, knows that it is very hard on Connie. She has been awake since Friday afternoon...hoping to get the tubes out. We are on day 18 on the ventilator and praying to be off in a few days. Thanks for your prayers!!

June 21st, 2010

Sitting here waiting anxiously on the lung doctor to give the order to pull the vent and get these tubes out. Connie has not rested much since Friday afternoon. She will receive her second round of chemo today. We covet your continued prayers today. We want God's will to be done.

June 20th, 2010

12:30am Connie is very restless. Ready emotionally to get out of the bed, but still hooked up to the vent, feeding tube and a vast assortment of wires and tubes. Please pray that our God of peace and rest will help her through the night till the doctors make their rounds in the morning.

June 19th, 2010

4:30am - Day 18, we feel that Connie has made great strides in the last 24 hours. She is still on the ventilator, but minimum settings. She got to hold Maddie yesterday. (Pretty emotional moment) She has been very restless and ready for the tubes to come out. She has come so God be the Glory!

June 18th, 2010

Connie needs special prayer today. They have begun the process of "backing" her off of the ventilator. She is working harder, but her numbers remain good. We covet your prayer...this is a BIG day and we need another miracle. Jesus never fails!

June 17th, 2010

Day 16. We have seen six doctors today. The common opinion is that we are on the road to recovery, but many miles and days lie before us. We thank our many friends for the encouraging words and prayers. We remain in our Master's care...Connie, Steve, Katie, Tara and Maddie.

June 16th, 2010

It has been a restful day at Brookwood CCU rm 12. The doctors have the started to back the ventilator off a little bit at a time. It is a very slow process. The next chemo dose is scheduled for next Monday. Friends, we thank you for all the calls, texts, facebook messages, cards and support that you have showered us with over the last few weeks. We are still in the the firm grip of our Heavenly Father.

June 16th, 2010

5am - Day 15, when I walked into CCU, Connie's nurse, Donna, told me that she had written her a note asking, "when can I go home?" Her blood work is looking s
Some better and we expect the third dose of chemo in the next few days. Thanks so much for your continued prayers. The girls (minus Maddie) stayed with me here at the hospital hotel last night. It was good to be together under one roof.

June 15th, 2010

Just brought Madelyn back to see her Mommy. Connie looked her over from head to toe...can't wait to let her hold her and talk to her. We're getting there an inch at a time!

June 15th, 2010

Day 14-10:30am...Connie is resting well. Her vitals are remaining stable and the doctors seem very optimistic. We serve a wonderful God and we are committed to trusting Him through this battle. Thanks again for all the prayers...they are working!
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June 15th, 2010

Connie rested well during the night. Believing we are one step closer to getting off of the ventilator and feeding tube. This day of chemo is typically rough...praying she has a restful day!

June 14th, 2010

Halfway through the first chemo agent and Connie is doing ok. Her breathing is still irregular, but she is in no pain. We just received news that the first chemo dose was very effective. We are thanking the Lord!

June 14, 2010

The doctors just told us that they are starting round two of chemo today. Please pray that Connie's body will accept it well.

June 14th, 2010

The doctors have told us that they will probably start the next round of chemo today or tomorrow. Connie's breathing is irregular this morning. She seems to be comfortable...just wish she could talk to me. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. There is no family like the family of God. We are still firmly in His grip!

June 13th, 2010

Standing here by my wife's bed in CCU. They had to move her oxygen up during the night. Her blood work is looking better...maybe we can start the 2nd round of chemo soon. Thanks for all the prayers!

June 12th, 2010

Sitting here watching grass quote the oncologist. Connie's bloodwork is some better this morning. I arrived in CCU at 5am, just as I did last week, but this Saturday when I walked out, she was resting well. I told her this morning, that she was one week old and as beautiful as ever. Thanks for the continued prayers for my sweet lady.

June 11th, 2010

Connie has been fighting the ventilator tonight and minutes after I sent the last update, her father, Mark Russell, Jr and I began to pray for her breathing. As Dad prayed we witnessed the Hand that has never failed, reach out and touch her and her breathing became normal again. Thank you Lord for proving Yourself to us tonight! He giveth and giveth and giveth again.

June 11th, 2010

Friends, thanks for all the prayers for my wonderful wife, Connie. Your love and care has overwhelmed us this last 10 days. Connie is resting tonight and we pray her blood counts will be to a place where they can administer the next dose of chemo very soon. Tonight we thank the Lord for the good report on Madelyn Grace. Good night everyone.

June 11th, 2010

A concern that we have had since learning of Connie's cancer, has been the possible cross-over to baby Madelyn. I just received results from the blood work that was done on Wed. and it is negative!! Rejoice with us on this wonderful news! Connie is resting very well today. Thanks for the prayers!

June 11th, 2010

Standing here by the bed of my hero! Connie rested well during the night. She is fighting so long and hard...I'm sure she is tired. Please pray today that God will touch her sick body, that He will strengthen my girls, Katie, Tara and Maddie, that He would touch the Drs. & nurses and ultimately...that His name might be glorified!

June 10th, 2010

Please continue to pray for my sweet wife. She has had some expected setbacks. With the chemo doing its job, there are other battles to be fought. Without going into all the details...we need a miracle today. That Jesus might be glorified, we are praying the prayer of faith...believing.
Still clinging to Him, Steve

June 9th, 2010

It has been a good day. Connie has made some improvements and we are so thankful to the Lord for Hand upon my wife. We are aware that the road to recover may be long, but we are firmly assured of His Presence while we travel it.

Thanks each of you so much for the prayers and support you expressed for us.
Still clinging to Him,
Connie, ...Steve, Katie, Tara and Maddie


9th, 2010

At 4am CCU called saying that Connie had written "husband" on paper. Those that know me well, know that 4am is not my finest hour, but I sprinted to CCU to help the nurse understand what Connie's handwriting. She is in no pain and seems to be a little better. (Steve update...up 2 notches on the belt. Not sure if it is my diet or the early morning jog to CCU) Friend please keep praying for my wife. Love to all.

June 8th, 2010

Just said "good night" to my sweetheart. She has been in pain tonight. Please pray that God will give her pain free rest. We remain in the firm Hand of God.

June 8th, 2010

It has been a restful day in CCU for Connie. The doctors have told us that she is doing better. She is still on the ventilator, but has been responsive to us today. We continue to be amazed by the prayer and support of the greatest family in the world...the Family of God. Please keep praying...God is listening and answering.

June 8th, 2010

6am - Connie is still in CCU and her nurse, Jessica, took good care of her during the night. She called for me during the night (see Katie's post). This morning her eyes would light up when I talked to her about the girls. Thanks for all the support...we have been overwhelmed by it all. Keep praying...God is working.

Katie's post-(Mom had the nurse call Dad down a few minutes ago. They were sittin there and he was trying to figure out what she wanted (which is pretty hard when she is writing with her finger on his palm in cursive no less). He asked her if she wanted him to sing to her. She wanted him to sing Even in the Valley God is Good! :) I just love her!!)

June 8th, 1:00am

had a great visitation tonight. Dad and Mom Russell were able to spend some quality time with Connie. Katie, Tara and I were able to shower her with our love and affection. She was trying to tell us something, so I got a piece of paper and with her left hand, she scratched out X O. I ask her "x's & o's?" She nodded yes.... Hugs and kisses! Please pray for her tonight, our God is able to give her strength and touch her.

June 7th, 2010

Are still holding to God's unchanging Hand. Just a few minutes ago, Katelyn and I were with Connie and Katelyn reached down and kissed Connie on the forehead. I ask her, "are those good kisses" and she nodded her head. She grinned when we told her that Madelyn's umbilical cord had detached from her belly button today.

June 7th, 2010

Brookwood CCU is very peaceful...Connie is resting and we are waiting. Every one has just overwelmed us with love and prayers. Last night I went to church in Muncie, IN PNC (via As I sat watching the am service, it was if I was on the front pew and I soaked in every word spoken. When Carmelita was annointed for my wife, I joined in prayer as if I was there. Jesus is holding us and we are letting Him.

June 7th, 2010

I'm here beside my sweetheart. The oncologist team just told us that she is about the same...maybe a little better. We like "better." The nurse just ask her if she was in pain and she said no. Still critical...but improving. So when you pray please remember to thank God for answering prayer.

Jun 7th, 2010

6am...Still hanging in there. The doctors tell us they are staying the course on chemo. She rested very good during the night. She squeezed my hand 3 times...telling me that she loved me. Please keep praying...that He might be glorified!

June 6th, 2010
Approx 11:00pm

Dear family and friends, thank you for holding us up to the Throne today. Connie is the same as she was this morning, but she is fighting and we are pulling for her with all that is in us. Thank you for the prayers, and please continue to pray for my sweetheart.
Secure in His Grip...Connie, Steve, Katie, Tara and Madelyn Grace.

June 6th, 2010

Praying with my dear wife, Connie, this morning, we mentioned that this was Sunday, the day of rest and prayed that God would give her rest...I'm sitting here by her bed, holding her hand...she is resting!

June 6th, 2010

We made it through the night. Dr. said that she is some better. Connie is strong and resolve seems to be strong. 24 hours down...keep praying. I was able to tell her that there were multitudes of people praying and she squeezed my hand very stong. Still holding His hand...Steve, Connie and girls

June 5th, 2010
Aprox. 8:00pm

Thanks for all the prayers. The lung dr. just told me that Connie's vitals are stable, but is still listing her in very critical condition. He told me to tell friends and family to keep praying for a miracle. Still leaning on Him...Steve, Connie, Katie, Tara and Maddie.

June 4th, 2010
Aprox 5:00pm

Family & friends, Connie has been moved to CCU for observation. Her oxygen levels were unstable and the doctors were concerned. She has been seen by eight doctors today and is in great hands. The first chemo dose is over and she seems to be doing well so far. The head oncologist was in and said that she would be here at least for another week. Thanks for being our friends and holding us up during this time.