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Camp Report 2013


2013 Pilgrim Nazarene Camp Report Photo Gallery of camp 2013 is now available on the Photos menu link.

Psalm_122:1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.

This camp I mingled with the best people on earth, whose hearts are set on a city whose builder and maker is God. I was blessed in my heart by the vigor and commitment of the youth and the old friendships and examples of those whose voice quivers with age but feet are solid on the Rock of Ages. They make me think of ancient trees whose branches have been swept by every gale ever thrust upon us by hell. I mingled with souls who have no place to go during the year where they might be fed bread from heaven, whose sustenance is gained only their personal devotions and their soul is chaffed by the blatant backslidings of people who have sold out the holiness way. I heard sermons born upon wings of unction, thrust from hearts who have lived close to Heaven. I watched as hearts yielded to the call from Heaven, crumbled at an altar, and rose with a firm grip on a testimony and smile on their face. We sat and listened and watched as little children from half-way around the world sang to us of Jesus’ love, because somebody cared enough to take them in and raise them for God. Busy hands and tireless bodies offered up the sacrifice of cooking so that all might be fed plenty. When offering time came, God had so softened men’s hearts that purse-strings had no stubborn knots to withhold finances for the camp. In ten minutes, close to $20, 000 was raised for next camp and an announcement was made that the current camp was paid in full. Preachers stood and recounted God’s blessing, told of their efforts to lead home churches and win souls, testified to God’s grace and gave many a sense that the battles they themselves were fighting were being waged in like fashion across many fronts. The services tuned up our hearts like instruments that were full of praise by the end. Young people and old, who left jobs to come to camp, were amply rewarded by a God who changes men’s hearts, calls them away for a short while, and sends them back into the fray ready to take on the world with a better attitude and holier focus. In short, camp is a sacrifice, but God never misses a sacrifice upon his altar with the right spirit-and He poured out a blessing upon his children. If you could have come, and chose not to- you willfully chose to withhold God from blessing your heart, and perhaps even changing your future. Be there next time!-

Reporter, Mike Yancey