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Camp 2015 Report

camp workers

If I had one word to describe camp-meeting, it would be “family”! It is a time of the year when we all come together to reunite, share stories, catch up, feed on good preaching together, pray together, sing together, and join forces around the altar to escort hungry, tender souls to glorious victory and union with God Almighty! What a powerhouse when souls come together for his cause. What a refreshing plunge in the cold waters of ole’ Gospel swimming hole after months of working alone on the hot outposts of duty.
Little kids and teenagers reunite, distracted and delighted to be having fun on a full time basis, down at the cold waters of the creek, playing volleyball in the hot sun, staying up late and not wanting to go to bed.
Friends and family reunite! A couple came from my church this year, delighted to see so many friends and even family from years back. They had planned on staying a little, but wound up staying longer and hated to go!
Saints reunite! One night Bro. Ross stood and testified after a glorious altar service and rang the bell. He still has the glory and a desire to serve. What a refreshing and inspiring thing to see the older saints still marching victoriously with a “fire in their belly”!
The Lord blessed us with tremendous preaching from tremendous men. Bro. Chris Cravens took us to heaven in flights of oratory and Bro. Dan Durkee entertained and inspired us with his colorful stories full of life. Both men had God on them and is sprayed out and splashed over all of us.
Men on boards met and shared the vision and responsibility of leading the church, sealing the unity and communion with hand-shakes and hugs.
Families met around the tables and new friends were made or strengthened. Sunday evening we gathered in to communicate across the “pond” with our missionaries in India and Sis. Shirley Fogleman in New Guinea. She testified to God allowing her to go back and answer the call that has been on her heart from a young lady. What an inspiration to hear her voice and see her spirit. Bro. Russell gave an entertaining and quick-clipped rendition of their trip to India and many hands went up to support the work for the orphans and lepers in India under the faithful hand of Bro. John Paul Pinapati.

I see the white streaks of hair creeping over the heads of many of my heroes, some now completely crowned with snow, and I am sobered by their footsteps. I look down upon the little children full of life with hardly a care in the world, and then watch them meet at the altar, and my heart is full of gratitude. I look around at my peers who shoulder much responsibility and bear the costs of camp in so many ways, and I am inspired. We are in this together, for time and eternity! We are family, called out, called together, called to heaven, for that is our goal.


Michael Yancey Pastor Wesleyan Bible Church, Tulsa, OK.