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Remembering the passing of a good Christian man

Bro. Bill Watkins - Submitted to God
On February 16th, many friends and family began to fill the sanctuary of the Rogers, Arkansas, Bible Missionary Church in honor of Bro. Bill Watkins. Bro. Charles Elbert Dodd III, paid tribute to an old friend and reminisced of the life-long friendship. The congregation sang, “My Saviour First of All,” and Bro. Dodd sang, “Home Sweet Home.” Tributes were read from church leaders, friends and family. A trio sang a song that was Bro. Watkins testimony in the last days of his life, “Submission.” Pastor Jim Roberts delivered the message and paid his tribute to this outstanding man. At the close of the service, a recording of, “The Crystal Fountain,” by Bro. Bill Watkins playing his sax accompanied by Sis. Kathy Zink on the piano, was played. Bro. Watkins will be greatly missed by his family. May we keep them in our prayers as the lonely days are sure to come. ~ Rev. Stephen Snodgrass

watkins sax

Bro. Bill Watkins playing His sax- Click to watch the video