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November 2017
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October 2017

If you were not at Camp, you missed a very good missions service by Sis. Shirley Fogleman and Bro. Mike Covington. (it can be found on the PNC website under Media/Camp 2017) In that service it was announced that the PNC General Board had voted to help with the building of a new Teacher’s House (see picture below) on the campus of Tega Bible School in Mt. Hagan, PNG. The national church has raised 1/3 of the $30,000 needed to complete the project. The General Board voted to match their giving by sending $10,000 to help with the project. In addition to helping financially, Bro. Mike Covington is leading a team of 10+ people from our churches to go and complete this project. As I write this report, the gravel foundation has been put in place (see picture below) and a local contractor is preparing to pour the foundation for the building.
On September 27th, I received this email from Sis. Shirley:
“God is so good and merciful. Here is a small report on what happened at Tega Bible School yesterday.
The haus kuk ( cook house) caught on fire. Since it was constructed of grass it became a roaring fire very quickly. The water supply was off at the time. (The city water supply is sporadic) Therefore there was little water with which to fight the fire. The haus kuk was close to the Boy's Dorm. The flames lept over to it and it was starting to burn the dorm. The Dimmetts and the students started pulling their things from the building to save what they

could. SUDDENLY a huge downpour of rain began! It put out the fire and saved the dorm.
Everyone just says.....God sent the rain....He saved the building....God is so merciful! Praise the Lord!”
After communicating with Sis. Fogleman through emails, I learned that they had crafted a makeshift “cook house,” but would be constructing a more permanent one later. I asked her to give us an estimate of how much they thought a permanent building would cost to build. She replied with the answer of $1,000. After discussing it with Bro. Mike Covington and Bro. Jim Dunegan, we felt we could release $1,000 right away from our general foreign missions fund. Sis. Shirley was excited with the news and the funds should arrive at their bank within the next few days. When it arrives, construction will begin immediately. Here are a few pictures of the fire damage.