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Helping Hands Ministry

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Dear Mission Leaders,

MAY 2012 Helping Hands Update

Dear Helping Hands Friends,
It’s a privilege to come to you knowing we are workers together for the cause of God.
It has come to my attention that Bros. Johnpaul and Isaac Pinapati will visit our camp meeting. Besides the expense of getting them here is also the need to outfit them.  This will be a new experience for Bro. Isaac who has never left India.  He will need more than India garb. Also, they will be traveling with Bro. Snodgrass in the US for two weeks following camp and any money left over from this project will give them some spending money for the trip. Let us be reminded that these men live on $50.00 per month and this will help them so much.
We can get started on this project and call it the “ Pinapati Wardrobe”.  Send your offering to Bro. Covington by the end of June.
You all are always caring and generous.  It’s a real joy to work with you.
Thank you and God bless you.  See you at camp!
Shirley Fogleman

Box Work List- Update Feb. 13th, 2012

Download a PDF document to print: India Box Work List

1/ Equals [Sugar Substitutes]

2/ Peanut Butter

3/ Sugar Free Energy Drinks

4/ Vitamins for Adults – Children

5/ Vienna Sausage

6/ Summer Sausage

7/ Cheese it

8/ Granola Bars

9/ Antibiotic Ointments

10/ Corn Flakes

11/ Cookies [Sugar Free/Non sugar free]

12/ Children Caugh Syrups

13/ Band Aids

14/ Spam/Chicken/Lunchean Meat etc

15/ Tomato Ketch up/ Barbi Q sauce

16/ Jelly/Honey

17/ Hand Sanitizers/Hand soap

18/ Splenda

19/ Shampoo

20/ Tooth Paste.

Time and again we praise the Lord for the generous Box work and have been asking our Lord to bless your goodselves in His eternal multiplicity.

Your's in His Mission of Eternal Grace,


Christmas Project 2010

The Missions department is asking churches to help support the efforts for this years Christmas project. To view the poster click here. If you would like to download the poster to post in your church, download a PDF file here: Chrismas Poster

PLEASE SEND OFFERING BEFORE DEC. 10th Mike Covington, 655 West Cherokee Road, Duncan, OK 73533

Project for 2009-2010

Box Work Information

Projects Competed- Report 2008

1. Bible for India: This is an every year project. $3.00 US will put God’s Word in their native language in the hands of the people who attend our churches, their new converts, etc. in India. This is a good project for your Juniors, Youth, etc. to be working on.

2. Christmas Project: This year Bro. Pinapati would like our Christmas offering to go towards providing a nice clock with a picture of Jesus in the face, for each of the churches in India. For the national pastors, many of them need a good watch. The widows greatest need, besides their monthly stipend for some rice, is a new piece of cloth for a sari dress. And Bro. Pinapati would really like to provide the orphans with a set of clothes that would be a uniform for the orphanage so they could all dress alike for public presentations. So encourage your people to raise a good Christmas offering and send our warmest wishes and blessings to our brethren in India.

3. Water Wells for Thirty Villages: The main Helping Hands project for this year is to provide wells in some of the villages where our Christian people live in India. Many of them have to walk for miles to get even their drinking water. At least 8 villages and the orphanage are very needy of a well. These wells will have to be over 200 feet deep in order to reach sweet water (not salt) and will cost about $700 US each. This may sound very humanitarian but Bro. Pinapati feels that many people will come to know the Lord through this effort, besides being a great help to our Christian brethren. Jesus was very concerned about thirsty people – we see Him with the Samaritan woman at the well taking advantage of her physical thirst to tell her about the Living Water available for her soul. Let's follow His example. If every one of us will do our best, with some sacrifice for the cause of missions, we can provide this great blessing for many thirsty folks.