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Missions- Completed Projects 2008

Recent Projects Completed in 2008

1. PA Sound Systems In 2007 when we started this project, Bro. Pinapati had twenty national pastors and congregations that needed PA systems to make the preaching of the Word reach the ears of hungry people. It was a good way for us to reach out our Helping Hands and multiply and magnify the effort already being made to send forth the Gospel 'loud and clear'. We have worked together over the past year and a half and provided 24 loud speaker PA systems which are installed in the churches.

2. Bedrolls for the Orphanage There are now 35 orphans housed and cared for at the Favour the Helpless Orphanage in Tenali, India. They have been sleeping on pieces of sackcloth on the floors. Thanks to all of you who took part in the 2009 project, I was able to present to Bro. Pinapati at camp a check for $1395 designated for bedrolls for the orphans. The bedrolls will be roll-up sleeping bag type bedding with a pillow for each one, so that the floor space is available for daytime activities.

3. Christmas 2008 Last Christmas we were able to send $1716.12 to India which was used to provide a big umbrella and a flashlight for each of the national pastors. They have proved most useful – when the electricity goes into brown-out, the pastors whip out their rechargeable flashlight and keep right on preaching! With our offering, Bro. Pinapati also purchased umbrellas and material for saris for the widows, and a set of new clothing for the orphans. We helped with the Christmas celebration meal and provided a love offering for the Pinapati family. Thank you for your great blessing for our brethren at Christmas!

4. Boxwork In the year 2008, 28 Priority Mail boxes were received in India. So far in the year 2009, 14 have arrived. Bro. Pinapati calls them an 'Oasis in the Desert', and appreciates very much the touch of love and American goodies that they carry. They are arriving in good condition with no receiving fee over there. Also, a few churches have sent “green boxes” ($ in lieu of boxes) and some of that fund was used to let Bro. Pinapati do some shopping while he was here in the States.