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Box Work Information

postal box

Air Mail Priority

Since the USPS raised the postage rates in May of ’07, all packages/boxes must be shipped by Air Mail/Priority Mail to international destinations. The general rate is about $6.00/lb. This makes it poor stewardship of God’s money to be shipping boxes to India containing things that can be purchased there at a reasonable price. Yet our pastors and people there live at such a poverty level that they cannot afford to buy much more than their rice and curry. There are two methods available in which we can continue the Helping Hands ministry of food and clothing to our pastors, widows, and orphans in India.

1. The Blue Box There is a ‘Flat Rate’ blue and white Priority mail box available free at the US post offices. It is about the size of a large shirt box, and can be packed very tightly with the most needed items, or with a special treat, and sent for $42.00 US postage. There is also another Priority mail box that is a little larger and deeper, which costs $52.00 US postage. The maximum weight for these boxes is 20 pounds. They can be strengthened with strapping tape. These boxes have been arriving in about 4-6 weeks in good condition.

2. The Green Box In lieu of a packed Blue box, we can send an offering of $50.00 US ‘greenbacks’ that will help them buy many of the items that we have been sending. Bro. Johnpaul will disperse this fund as special love offerings of food and clothing to the pastors, widows, and orphans as he sees their needs. Please send these offerings through Bro. Covington, clearly designated as ‘Boxwork for India’, but please do not designate it for a certain pastor or orphan as this greatly complicates things for both Bro. Covington and Bro. Johnpaul. Each $50 offering can be counted as a ‘box’.

Box Work to India

August 2009 Update

Priority mail boxes:

- obtain Priority Flat Rate mailing boxes and the declaration forms at the Post Office

-two sizes are available - $42 or $52 flat rate

-pack as tightly as possible - remember that weight is not the limiting factor now, but space is very small.

-complete the customs declaration form and take to the PO with the box

-usually arrive in 4-6 weeks

Mailing Address for the the boxes:

Rev. Johnpaul Pinapati D. No. 14-42-61
Veluvoluvari Street
Morrispet Post, Tenali 522-202

List of Most Useful Items for Boxwork: Update Feb. 13th, 2012

/ Equals [Sugar Substitutes]

2/ Peanut Butter

3/ Sugar Free Energy Drinks

4/ Vitamins for Adults – Children

5/ Vienna Sausage

6/ Summer Sausage

7/ Cheese it

8/ Granola Bars

9/ Antibiotic Ointments

10/ Corn Flakes

11/ Cookies [Sugar Free/Non sugar free]

12/ Children Caugh Syrups

13/ Band Aids

14/ Spam/Chicken/Lunchean Meat etc

15/ Tomato Ketch up/ Barbi Q sauce

16/ Jelly/Honey

17/ Hand Sanitizers/Hand soap

18/ Splenda

19/ Shampoo

20/ Tooth Paste.

Time and again we praise the Lord for the generous Box work and have been asking our Lord to bless your goodselves in His eternal multiplicity.

Your's in His Mission of Eternal Grace,


**Or send $50 US offering in lieu of a box to our US Treasurer (Mark it Boxwork offering for India) - Bro. Pinapati will shop in India for most needed items that are available there.

Regular Support Offerings

1. The National Pastors support is now $50 US a month for a married family. This is covered by the churches and individuals who have taken on the support of a national pastor.

Our faithful monthly support allows the India pastors to provide for their families while working diligently at spreading the Gospel.

2. The Widows support is raised in the Fifth Sunday special offerings, or by any designated contributions for the widows.

3. The Orphans support is raised in the First Sunday of each month special offering, or any designated contributions for the orphanage.

Please make sure all missions money sent to Bro. Mike Covington is clearly designated so it will be applied to the proper fund and sent for the intended purpose.

To contact Sis. Gracie Betts, Helping Hands Coordinator

Phone: 318-636-6834

Mail: 4160 Waller Dr., Shreveport, LA 71119