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saint of God
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It was a Saturday morning when I walked into the church. The job was simple. Clean and fill the baptistry. It had been a little over a year since we had used it last, and it was in desperate need of a good cleaning. Before I could clean the baptistry, I had to clean the stairwell that leads to it from a room off the front of the sanctuary. VBS props, spare materials for a remodel project, and a few boxes of church records had been placed in the stairwell until a more proper and permanent place could be determined. All of these items reflected on the fact that our church was busy, and growth was evident.

Once I had cleaned the room and the stairwell, I was now ready to tackle the baptistry. In those few months of inactivity, there had gathered a wide variety of insects that make Texas such a special place. After I had destroyed the homes of many unwanted visitors, I turned the water on and soon discovered that we had a problem with the plumbing. After much time (and breaking one of the rules that my father had instilled in me…to never do plumbing on Saturday), I was finally doing the task that I had started out to accomplish. Cleaning and filling the baptistry.
Rev. Stephen Snodgrass
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